Other activities

We introduce ourselves

Game so that students can know each other. Each student accesses their class Padlet and<br /> uploads a photo and a small physical description and some hobbies. Students from other countries must match each student with their description.

Contest for the creation of the logo

The winning student of the contest is Inja Munić from Croatia

Celebration of the European day of languages

The European Day of Languages, which is celebrated on September 26th, is an initiative of the European Commission and the Council of Europe since 2001, which represents 800 million citizens of 47 countries.


As it has been usual in recent years, the English Department of the coordinating centre carries out various activities to celebrate the increasingly universal Halloween party.

Winter holidays

Each school that participates in the project carries out different activities to celebrate Christmas.

Europe Day Celebration

Europe Day celebrates peace and unity on the continent every May 9th. The date is the anniversary of Schuman’s historic statement. In a speech delivered in Paris in 1950, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, RobertSchuman, presented his idea of a new form of political cooperation that would make a war between European nations unthinkable

School day of mathematics

This is a unique opportunity to celebrate mathematics, review the learning of the year and have a stimulating and engaging classroom experience.

Around the world in 80 dishes

Students from France and Spain have made an exhibition for the Science, Technology, Art and Mathematics Fair F-STEAM Plasencia 2019 through an eTwinning project. They have created 80 sheets, each from a different country, in which they include a recipe and information about the country. Two sets of clue games have also been created about the exhibition (one for students aged 10 to 14 and another for students from 14 to 18).

Internet day

In order to celebrate the day of the Internet, activities are developed in each of the partners’ centers.